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The Spanish Equity Release Solutions centre was conceived by me, Ian Comaskey, and my thousands of Expat clients living here in Spain.
I sold my successful Real Estate firm, Comaskey Properties in 2018 with a plan to look at other projects.
Since 2005, I have been a director in Spanish Solutions, a firm I believe is the most personable, helpful, trustworthy law office in Spain. That’s a big statement.
My other business interests include running and managing a large portfolio of my own properties in Ireland and Scotland.

While speaking to clients in my law office I realised that so many of my clients had a problem that neither they, nor the banks, could easily fix. So many of my clients and friends we asset rich, cash poor. They needed money to pay for their changing circumstances but the majority of their wealth was tied up in the property they had bought in Spain years previously. Banks in Spain will not loan to senior residents, unless they can prove they don’t need the money. (yes, you read that correctly, you must prove you don’t need a loan, to get a loan).
This is where the notion of Bare Ownership on the Costa Blanca was born.
We spoke to lawyers in Spain, the major Spanish banks, notaries and the clients.

We decided that we could help these residents to ease the financial burden by freeing up the equity in their houses.
The only problem then is the investor. We went in search of investors and we were lucky to find a way into the large investment markets of the UK. We now had real investors willing to put down their hard earned cash to help senior citizens here in Spain.
Of course they will only invest if they see the value in the investment for themselves. We managed, after speaking to hundreds of owners, to find a sweet spot; A way for investors to have a return and for owners to enjoy the equity they have in their Spanish home.
We have a load of testimonials to help you with the decision.
It’s not for everyone. Those who have signed up, want to make the decision easier for you, and have stories to tell.

Investors can contact Jim Kelly for investment advice back in the UK. Pedro Molina our solicitor is on hand to answer questions for sellers and investors and we also work tightly with Garrigues in Alicante. Garrigues have put a package together for our investors to limit their risk, reduce their taxes and ensure they maximise the investment when it finally matures.

I am putting my personal reputation on the line. I believe in Spanish Equity Release Solutions and the exciting new opportunity has taken me out of my self imposed semi retirement. We will work with owners and their families to ensure they understand everything. Not a single ‘T’ will be left uncrossed nor an ‘i’ undotted to make sure this becomes one of the best financial decisions our clients have taken.
You can speak to me in person, or on Skype.
We have a large team of qualified people ready to explain how it works for you.
Our advisors are happy to meet you in your own home- You provide the coffee we provide the expertise.
Now is the time.

Ian Comaskey
December 31st 2019.